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About us

Modernity and innovation in the world of thermal wellness

The exclusive Borile Experience cosmetics are created by the Laboratories that work with the GB Hotels group of Abano Terme, an example of modernity and innovation in the world of thermal wellness. Take home all the benefits of the active ingredients of the thermal water in Abano with the exclusive range of cosmetics under our Borile Experience brand. The most comfortable, effective way to recreate the treatments offered in our thermal spas in the comfort of your own home, and to prolong the benefits you have experienced during your stay with us, or those which we will be happy to have you experience again when you stay with us in the future. By these we mean the benefits that are the result of the unrivalled spa water that flows directly from our springs. You can choose the products which best suit your requirements from the full range and create a personalized beauty treatment. Yes, that’s right, made-to-measure… especially for you.

The Borile Experience phylosophy

A pathway to beauty and wellness in continuous evolution Over the years, the Cosmetics Laboratories working with the GB group have created products and treatments of the highest quality, which stress the BORILE EXPERIENCE philosophy: to conceive and communicate wellness with a good deal of attention to the importance of feeling and looking good. 

 The success of the Borile Experience cosmetic solutions is marked by the unmistakeable sign of Italian style and a strict philosophy, rich in values handed down from generation to generation. The effectiveness of the active ingredients of the spa water in Abano was used to create the exclusive cosmetics named Borile Experience, formulas capable of combining the style and taste of Italy with the healthy properties of the thermal waters. Over the years, the desire to offer excellent services and create products of a superior quality has proved to be a winning formula.

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